What is Storylearning?

What is Storylearning?

Storylearning is simply putting a name to what we've all seen work forever. 

Bear and Squirrel was born out of need. My wife and I wanted some more story-based playful resources to aid in our homeschooling efforts. We found many helpful resources out there, but none that matched our desire for engaging, storybook-like characters that our children could grow-up adventuring with. 

As we completed several episodes it was obvious we were "on to something". Our children sat more engaged during the lessons and retained the information more consistently than ever before. I did some research on the Science of Story and everything suddenly made sense. That's when the concept of Storylearning was born. It's simple really: Learning, especially with young children, is better achieved through the delivery mechanism of story. 

It's Good for the Student

Here's a short list of reasons why Storylearning is good for the Student: 

  • More engagement during lessons. 
  • Better retention of information. 
  • Learning is fun. 
  • They look forward to the next lesson. 
  • They create relationships with the characters. 

It's Good for the Teacher

Here's a short list of reasons why Storylearning is good for the Teacher: 

  • You can customize and modify your teaching plan. 
    • Because the Bear and Squirrel episodes are short you can insert them into the most detailed teaching plan with ease. 
  • Your children will fall in love with learning, making it easier to focus their attention. 
    • We want our children to fall in love with learning, not tasks. It’s easy to get caught in the trap of wanting them to “want” science and “want” history. I would contend that loving each subject is not the point. Subjects are temporary. Learning is forever. We ALL desire that our children never stop learning, but most won’t become scientists or engineers. Something happens when you engage your children with Storylearning. They want to come back to the characters. These characters become a desirable part of their day. Now, to them, learning is synonymous with fun. Think about it, how do you continue to learn? Do you choose to read books that are boring and uninteresting? 
  • Continuing the lesson is much easier. 
    • When there are characters to refer back to, it's much easier to jump on "teaching moments" throughout the rest of the day. 
  • Your children will remember lessons for a lot longer. 
    • One of the greatest joys of a parent or teacher is when your child remembers a lesson or, better yet, lives it out! 

Bottom line: Storylearning was developed to help the learning process by tapping into the way we're already designed! We'd love to hear from you in the comments below if you've found other ways that Storylearning is helpful to you and your children. 

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