A Week In the Word - Coveting


What is "A Week In The Word"? 
Designed as a downloadable 10-20 minutes daily bible devotional, this product takes you and your child deep into God's word. You will watch the friends of Bear Woods struggle with a common sin and then work through that sin to achieve biblical reconciliation. Your child will see how their struggles relate to those of their friends in Bear Woods and they will learn what the bible has to say about sin, forgiveness, and the power of God's Word. Each unique study is designed for K-5th grade.

The Premise:
This week, Squirrel struggles with coveting what others have. Read and study along to find the biblical solution to coveting and watch Squirrel live out biblical reconciliation.

In This Study You'll Find: 

  • A 5 Day Downloadable Bible Curriculum.
  • Consistent Memory Work to reinforce this week's Memory Verse.
  • Coloring pages for your younger learners.  
  • An "Acorn Task Tree" with coordinating acorns.
  • An engaging Student Worksheet.
  • A fun baking activity.

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