Heroes of History - Brother Andrew


What Is "Heroes of History"?
Designed as a downloadable five day study, this product invites your child to travel through time with Harold and his four treasure hunting friends. We designed this product with your 2nd thru 5th Graders in mind. Each unit explores a new Hero of History as you learn about their life right alongside of your furry friends. Like any good treasure hunter, you collect facts and record them in your very own Scroll. On Day 4 and Day 5 you pull together all that you've discovered to create a captivating report and a beautiful presentation. You'll also find treasures like a map of your travels and Daily Map Skills, 10 new Vocabulary Words with fun and helpful worksheets.

The Premise:
You will travel through time with Harrison and the rest of the Treasure Hunters. Experience three unique encounters with Brother Andrew, where your children's imagination and memory will be sparked through Storylearning. Then, further cement their learning through fun reporting and presentation opportunities.

In This Study You'll Find:

  • A downloadable 5 Day Unit Study.
  • Beautifully illustrated stories that bring Brother Andrew right off the page.  
  • A fun Scroll where everything they're learning can be recorded.
  • Two styles of Reporting Pages.
  • Beautifully designed Presentation Resources.
  • A Treasure Hunter Badge, bringing your child right into the story!