The Prayer Calendar

Use this Calendar to train your children to pray Biblically for others.

In this calendar, you'll find scenes from Bear Woods beautifully illustrated throughout the entire calendar year. But, more importantly, you'll find a practical method to pray as a family, helping to develop the good, biblical habit of prayer in your children. 

What is a Prayer Calendar?

We know that praying together as a family is difficult. Simply put, this calendar gives you a beautiful, fun, and engaging resource to help you direct your children in biblical prayer. With your help, your children will follow daily prayer prompts as they learn to pray through the Scriptures for the Christian community that God has placed them in. As they look beyond their small circle of friends, encourage them to think about their pastors and teachers at church, missionaries that your church supports, AWANA leaders, and believing friends and family as they choose a new Prayer Buddy to pray for each month. We pray that this resource blesses your family as you come together before the throne of God to pray on behalf of your brothers and sisters in Christ all year long!

  • Encourage your children to look beyond their circle of friends.
  • Teach your children how to pray using Scripture as their guide.
  • Rejoice together as you see God answer prayers all year long!
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