Hi there, we're Charlie & Kristina Matz and we started Bear & Squirrel in 2016. But what is Bear & Squirrel? The short answer is that it's a community. We want every Christian parent to confidently navigate the journey of Christian parenting, and we know that's much easier with the help of many. 

What do we do? We provide Christian parents with consistent tips, beautiful tools, and relevant training without ever compromising on quality or biblical integrity. So on this site, you'll find blogs, podcasts, and products... with much more to come in the future.

We're currently working on some really fun, relevant, and deeply meaningful training resources that we think you'll enjoy. 

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If you do just those three simple things to start, you'll get to know us very quickly. We're active, trying our best to share our daily, weekly, monthly hurdles and triumphs along this journey. 

Matz Family

We have four beautiful children and one on the way. We're one of you and we know that parenting can be hard. But we also know that God has made a way to confidence through His scriptures! There are some things about parenting that are explicitly laid out in the pages of scripture. Other topics take wisdom, based on a fear of the Lord, prayer, and experience. You'll find all of that here and we're in it for the long haul. Both Kristina and I have a deep longing to see a generation of Christian parents that is confidently parenting from the Bible and consistently directing the hearts of their children to Christ.  We will work hard to see that vision come to fruition. We're just getting started.