Hi there, we're Charlie & Kristina Matz and we are the parents of five sweet children.

We have always desired to raise our children in Biblical wisdom, directing their hearts to Christ.

Unfortunately we didn't know what this practically looked like for the first five years of our parenting. Scripture teaches in Psalm 127 that children are a blessing and a reward but we weren't experiencing this promise in our home and we didn't understand why.

As we expected the arrival of our third child, we read the book Shepherding a Child's Heart by Tedd Tripp. It changed the way we parent. It showed us that being a Biblical Christian didn't automatically make us effective Biblical parents. Tedd's book, combined with lessons from our church leadership, showed us what it practically looks like to parent daily with confidence from God's Word. In other words, we were learning what Biblical parenting looks like in real life.

So what happened next? We had our third child and started to see changes. It wasn't overnight, but we began to see God's promises coming to life in our home as we faithfully studied and implemented what God's word says about parenting. What was it that ultimately transformed our home? The best way to say it is "Biblical confidence." We first needed to know what the Bible was practically asking us to do. Then we needed to faithfully respond. 

Fast forward to several years later and a discussion started between us. We desired to see this "revival" happen in EVERY Christian home. We didn't know where to start at first, but after much prayer, discussion, and long late-night conversations, we decided to start building what would become Bear & Squirrel. 

The Bear & Squirrel Vision is to see a generation of Christian parents that is confidently parenting from the Bible and consistently directing the hearts of their children to Christ.

How are we going to practically accomplish this vision? By providing well crafted tools for biblical parenting. All of our tools are designed to be the highest quality without ever compromising on biblical integrity. We pray that each one of our tools makes it easier for you to teach your children Scripture in accordance with Deuteronomy 6:7 all while helping your children develop good godly habits as they grow into adults. 

 Matz Family

Like any useful product, each tool was born out of a need we discovered while laboring to raise our own children biblically! We hope that you enjoy what we've crafted for your family. Better yet, we hope that the hearts of your children long for Jesus Christ and that they repent and put their trust in Him! Your task of stewarding these young souls is one of the most important that any person can take on in this life and our prayer is that we can help you on your journey, providing just a little encouragement to keep going. 

We're praying for you and your family.