Join Our Prayer Team

We believe that what we're trying to accomplish at Bear & Squirrel is unique. We are a business, but we don't simply have one "bottom line". We have several. One of them being the salvation and sanctification of souls. The Bible is clear that this kind of effort is directly opposed by a real enemy. Some businesses rely heavily on a specific type of advisory board. Our business will rely heavily on a solid and committed prayer team first and foremost.

We're seeking out to people that:

  • Trust and follow Jesus Christ.
  • Want to see the biblical concept of family thrive, to glorify God and bring many souls to a repentant salvation through Jesus Christ.
  • Understand the importance of training children in the truth of scripture.

We would ask that you only sign up for this list if:

  • You are willing to pray every time that we send a request.
  • You will include us in your daily/weekly prayer routine.
  • Pray for our Mission and Vision consistently.

We will send out specific prayer requests from time-to-time. Some of those requests may include:

  • The launch of a new product.
  • A hurdle or opposition to the Mission.
  • The development of an opportunity for growth of the Mission.

Our Mission is to provide Christian parents with consistent tips, beautiful tools, and relevant training without ever compromising on quality or biblical integrity.

Our Vision is to see a generation of Christian parents that is confidently parenting from the Bible and consistently directing the hearts of their children to Christ.

We have big goals. We're JUST getting started on a long journey, that will require much patience, prayer, and hard work.

We hope that you'll partner with us in the ways we've outlined above.

Thank you!

Charlie & Kristina Matz