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Our Mission is to provide Christian parents with consistent tips, beautiful tools, and relevant training without ever compromising on quality or biblical integrity.

Matz Family

Our vision is to see a generation of Christian parents that is confidently parenting from the Bible and consistently directing the hearts of their children to Christ.

We're Charlie & Kristina Matz and there's a LOT we're working on to accomplish the Bear & Squirrel vision! We've created this page to make it super simple to get started with us, regardless of how many products or programs we launch. None of the following steps cost money and all of them will deliver immediate value. We hope you enjoy and please don't hesitate to reach out to us at any time! We'll be praying regularly for your journey to be blessed. 


(1) Click Here To Download Your House Rules! 

<<<Here's what our free gift, the "House Rules" looks like. You can download our high-res pdf, print the rules out, and keep them front and center for everyone to follow! If the download isn't working, perhaps you have a popup blocker on>>> 

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We post regular updates from the front lines of Christian parenting. Our "Field Notes" are a real-time glimpse into our journey. Our prayer is that these honest updates provide encouragement, exhortation, and practical insight.  

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The Bear Essentials Podcast is a behind-the-scenes look into the journey of Christian parenting. Join us as we navigate the day-to-day decisions that every Christian parent faces.

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(4) Read Our Blog

Stay tuned for regular, encouraging blogs. We use the blog to dive deeper into subjects that surface during our day-to-day journey. Specific, and sometimes difficult, topics might require 750-1500 words to unpack. 


(5) Join The Community

Bear & Squirrel exists to help you confidently navigate the journey of Christian parenting. We know, from experience, that a BIG part of building that confidence comes from the encouragement of other parents.

We created this group to share tips, tools, and training. But mostly we want to facilitate meaningful discussions.

It's been said that "a rising tide raises all ships". Well, we pray that's the case with this community. We can't wait to see how God uses it to grow and bless your beautiful family!