Baxter's Bedtime - Jonah

What's in "Baxter's Bedtime?"
Designed as a downloadable 10-20 minute nightly devotional, this product takes you and your child deep into God's Word. We designed this product with your Pre-K thru 5th Graders in mind. Throughout the week, you will listen along with Baxter as his daddy reads straight from the Word and talks through what they are learning together. Discussion questions throughout the story will keep your child engaged, while the combination of beautiful illustrations and fun storytelling will awaken their memory and comprehension.

The Premise:
This week, Baxter and his daddy read through the incredible story of Jonah. Watch your children become engaged in God's Word in a powerful way as we include beautiful illustration and storytelling to God's timeless truths.

In This Study You'll Find:

  • A downloadable 5 Night Bedtime Devotional.
  • An opportunity to think through God's Word right alongside of Baxter. 
  • Nightly Discussion Questions that encourage deeper thinking.
  • Learn from the story of Jonah like never before!

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