Choose Wisely Cards


Use these cards to lead fun, biblical, and practical conversations with your kids.  

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Do you want to engage your child in biblical conversations, but don't know where to start? Do you want to train their heart and not simply alter their behavior, but don't know what that looks like? Let Bear & Squirrel and their furry friends get you started! Each adorable card uses the fun of storytelling to help your child uncover their motives in the context of real-life situations. 

God’s commands are perfect and He has given them to us in love and for our good, but we are not simply aiming for behavior modification in our children. Children who externally obey while continuing to cultivate a heart of sin will most likely grow up to be adults who reject a holy God.

Grab this set and start using them right away! They are very easy to use and the kids will have fun as they engage with the characters in each story. The Choose Wisely Cards were designed for children ages 4+.

This set contains 31 cards, beautifully printed front and back on thick card stock.

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